Marine Quest, Mock Marine Event and More Fun

We were able to get a spot at Marine Quest this year. We had a great time learning about phytoplankton at our first station.

We got to see some really cool microscopes including one that does 3-D imagines and another that is a scanning electron microscope! 

I was fascinated with the section on the Florida Duck. It looks like a mallard but it isn’t! I know how to tell them apart now! :) 

We learned how to use cameras with laser dots to measure parts of the feathers to determine the bird type without catching the birds. 

We learned about forensics and sharks with a fun ID station. There were some touch tanks too that I wanted to spend more time with.

Our last station was the oysters and learning about ocean acidification. 

I love our 4-H club so much! We get to do some awesome things! 

I had to go to the leaders meeting with Mom and I had fun making sticker art and playing with my new Toucan. 

This weekend was the state mock marine event. It wasn’t a contest as there were no awards or ribbons. We all got a golden scallop for participating! :) 

I only missed one item and it was the snow crab again. We worked so hard on it but I got confused. I know what I need to work on for next year! 

We also worked on our club box to go to Kenya! We are going to be pen-pals with a club in Africa! How cool! 

At archery we made our own targets to shoot at in November! 

I got a great photo of Uno, the squirrel!

I learned that I really like seafood. Grandma Susie joined us at Red Lobster since Dad was in DC again. I ate off Mom’s plate after mine was done. I had popcorn shrimp, butterfly shrimp, clam strips, bay scallops and cheddar biscuits! Mom was shocked with how much food i ate!

We wrapped up the week with some more fishing and celebrating our marine club ending for the year. Again, no fish were caught!

Again I spent most of the time playing with the shrimp in the bait bucket. 

And netting seaweed and looking for marine life in the floating clumps.

Between the Schoolbooks

I have been enjoying my Steve Spangler science kits that come in the mail each month. I love doing all experiments.


I still love art a lot. I had to go to a 4-H Leader meeting with mom and I brought along some sticker art to work on while listening to music. 

We went to Crystal River for a state mock marine contest. We had a lot of fun. I tripped up on a few items but figured it out. I did very well. Sadly it was not a scored event. We all received a golden scallop as a mini trophy for participating in the event. 

I helped Mom work on the box for Kenya 4-H. I loved writing my letter.

I am really enjoying my FLVS photography class. I have been having fun taking all sorts of photos. These are some from this week that were my favorites.

We chilled out after all our work was done for the week and enjoyed some downtime with Star Wars. 

Fun with Photography and Mom

I have been having a lot of fun in my photography class. This is one of my favorite photos. My teacher was really impressed too! This plant is called pokeberry. It is really a weed but we have it in the butterfly garden since it attracts butterflies and birds. 

Taking a semester end test. I was focused and didn’t use my notes at all! 

Some studying for the State Mock Marine Event. I like grouping all the cards by things that are similar! 

Dad and B went out for a fun evening and Mom and I ran some errands and then went to CFA for a family night. I was terrified of the cow. Mom got him in a picture with me and I insisted he was sucking my soul!

I made a handprint turkey with candy corn feathers. 

The cow kept sitting next to me and freaking me out. 

We came home after escaping the cow and watched the baby squirrels in their nest. They are poking their heads out and really active now. I think the nest is almost done.

No Rest for the Wicked

Since we have been back we have been non-stop with 4-H activities and schoolwork. This week B and I hosted an event to teach other kids about marine life. We had about 30 kids show up to learn about main life. We dip netted and taught everyone about the things they found.

We participated in NYSD Incredible Wearables. It was STEAMPunk themed. We made circuits, recycles bugs, fitness trackers and more. It was a really fun event.

B and I entered the costume contest and got blue ribbons! 

I made a recycles scorpion and also got a blue ribbon for that! 

Archery club started up and we are getting to know all the kids in the club. It is a lot of fun so far!

B and I competed in a fishing tournament. We didn’t catch a thing! We had a lot of fun seeing the fish other people caught and spending time with friends.

We had a field trip to Honeymoon Island and learned about the different ecosystems that are on the island as well as the history and topography of the area.

We collected all sorts of different shells. I loved the jingles.

I had to stop and photograph all the railroad vine flowers. They are so pretty.

We held out county Mock Marine Contest this week too. I really worked hard and was ready! I got a blue ribbon for the first place finish! I really do love to compete in events like this through 4-H.

Archery, Fishing and Steam Punk

We are back to shooting at WAC along with 4-H. We have been so busy that we dont go as much as we would like. Plus the bugs after Irma have been terrible!

I loved fishing in the surf at Indian Rocks with our 4-H group today! 

Again, playing in the bait bucket was more fun since I wasn’t catching fish. I love to play with the shrimp! 

We have been working hard on our steampunk costumes for 4-H NYSD and Halloween. This is my steampunk face. Daddy was being silly! 

Finally a smile, an evil smile!