No Rest for the Wicked

Since we have been back we have been non-stop with 4-H activities and schoolwork. This week B and I hosted an event to teach other kids about marine life. We had about 30 kids show up to learn about main life. We dip netted and taught everyone about the things they found.

We participated in NYSD Incredible Wearables. It was STEAMPunk themed. We made circuits, recycles bugs, fitness trackers and more. It was a really fun event.

B and I entered the costume contest and got blue ribbons! 

I made a recycles scorpion and also got a blue ribbon for that! 

Archery club started up and we are getting to know all the kids in the club. It is a lot of fun so far!

B and I competed in a fishing tournament. We didn’t catch a thing! We had a lot of fun seeing the fish other people caught and spending time with friends.

We had a field trip to Honeymoon Island and learned about the different ecosystems that are on the island as well as the history and topography of the area.

We collected all sorts of different shells. I loved the jingles.

I had to stop and photograph all the railroad vine flowers. They are so pretty.

We held out county Mock Marine Contest this week too. I really worked hard and was ready! I got a blue ribbon for the first place finish! I really do love to compete in events like this through 4-H.

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