Fun with Photography and Mom

I have been having a lot of fun in my photography class. This is one of my favorite photos. My teacher was really impressed too! This plant is called pokeberry. It is really a weed but we have it in the butterfly garden since it attracts butterflies and birds. 

Taking a semester end test. I was focused and didn’t use my notes at all! 

Some studying for the State Mock Marine Event. I like grouping all the cards by things that are similar! 

Dad and B went out for a fun evening and Mom and I ran some errands and then went to CFA for a family night. I was terrified of the cow. Mom got him in a picture with me and I insisted he was sucking my soul!

I made a handprint turkey with candy corn feathers. 

The cow kept sitting next to me and freaking me out. 

We came home after escaping the cow and watched the baby squirrels in their nest. They are poking their heads out and really active now. I think the nest is almost done.

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