Between the Schoolbooks

I have been enjoying my Steve Spangler science kits that come in the mail each month. I love doing all experiments.


I still love art a lot. I had to go to a 4-H Leader meeting with mom and I brought along some sticker art to work on while listening to music. 

We went to Crystal River for a state mock marine contest. We had a lot of fun. I tripped up on a few items but figured it out. I did very well. Sadly it was not a scored event. We all received a golden scallop as a mini trophy for participating in the event. 

I helped Mom work on the box for Kenya 4-H. I loved writing my letter.

I am really enjoying my FLVS photography class. I have been having fun taking all sorts of photos. These are some from this week that were my favorites.

We chilled out after all our work was done for the week and enjoyed some downtime with Star Wars. 

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