August Antics

The summer went by very fast and slow at the same time. We still found things to keep us busy while being mostly stuck at home because of the pandemic. We have enjoyed the parks and nature quite often. We participated in a BioBlitz for the IECC conference this year. Sadly, the conference was canceled but they still held some virtual events. We rocked insect trivia and had fun participating.

The Bio Blitz encouraged us to visit new places and boy did we! We hit some local parks and then ventured to Hillsborough River State Park for a long hike in the heat. We photographyed and uploaded nearly 300 specimens!

Classes started on August 17th at SPC. I had already started back with Pre-calc with ALEKS and the second term of Chem with FLVS. At SPC I am just taking ENC1101, comp 1. I am 2 weeks into the class now and have completed 5 weeks worth of work. I just turned in my first official college writing paper. I am confident I did well.

B and I did get new desks and chairs this year. We had fun building them too! I am happy to have a surface to spread out on and a place to do Zoom calls from.

We also found out that the coffee and B and Dad drink is no longer made. So they had a taste test to pick a new bean. I tried the coffees upon request and made this horrid face with each and every one. I love coffee ice cream and tiramisu but not coffee. I was gagging in the sink for a while.

Daisy, my AFT, is not really eating much at all. She did shed twice and eat her shed but refuses crickets and other feeders. Mom picked up some Repti-boost and is giving Daisy 2ml of that a day. Daisy is chunking up a but and gained 2.5 grams! she was only 18 grams. We will taper off the Repti-boost later this week and then start her back on crickets. The boost is supposed to give her more energy for hunting. Let’s hope it works!

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