Other Shenanigans

I am really enjoying archery this year. I hope to do well in the tournaments. It will be a challenge as I moved up a catagory so I will have to work even harder. My form is excellent. I am aiming very low because we were shooting at pumpkins for Halloween at the club meeting. I am kicking butt in karate. I hope to get my purple belt by the end of the year. I got a new tarantula. I love it so much!

Kitchen Garden Fieldtrip

We went to Orlando to the Emerald Lagase Kitchen Garden. We met a group of homeschoolers from all over the state. We toured the garden. Got the low down of the day. Broke into assigned teams. Learned what our goals were and some basic directions. Followed the recipe and chefs guidelines.
I LOVED making tamales. After we finished with all the cooking we had a giant feast. Vegetarian feast! We made killer guac! Bean stew.
Tamales… that I gobbled up!  We made some new friends and had a wonderful experience.

I’m Bored and Birds?

I came in and told Mom I was bored and she told me to find something to do. This is what I picked to do. She found some schoolwork for me eventually. Maybe I will learn to not say I am bored! Although I really enjoy learning about chemistry.  We had friends come to Busch Gardens with us. We had a lot of fun exploring the park, seeing the animals and riding the train.

I had a fun time feeding the lorikeets until…this one thought my shoulder made a good roost…Then it tried to EAT ME! I dont like them anymore!

Young Eagles

We went to Young Eagles this weekend at the Clearwater Airpark. I have been waiting for this event again for a long time. I was hoping this would be my day to fly the plane. B and I got pared together and B offered the front seat to me. However the pilot wanted to balance weight so I got put in the back, again. Oh well! I had a blast taking photographs out the window and trying to find our house. 
Off we go…Safely back on the ground. I can’t wait for 2020 when they do the event again.

Weekend Shenanigans

I tried to convince Dad that I needed this giant Halloween treat bucket. It didnt work out. We went to the Native Plant event at Brooker Creek Preserve and I enjoyed feeding the monarchs. The next day we helped Mr. James with an outreach program on insects. We brought our collections and had a good time showing them off and educating others about 4-H and the insect program.   We took a afternoon trip over to Disney Springs and enjoyed wandering around before the crowds get crazy for the upcoming season. I did finally find a hat that I really liked! I was so happy to make this one my own.