Dunedin Christmas Parade

We went and sat with Miss Gail near her house for the Dunedin Holiday Parade. We had a great spot as always. I raked in the candy canes! I loved all the floats. I really liked the bag pipe bands! There were so many this year! Santa came in on the Dunedin Fire Rescue truck. The next night our 4-H club went caroling at Largo Central park amongst their light walk. We had a blast. We sang loud and were even directed by Darth Vader.

We went back to Busch Gardens after PE this week. We got in a lot of rides before out commitment. We went to a Conservation Connection presentation about tropical aquaculture. It was really interesting and made B and I want to start trying to raise and breed tropical fish.

Busch Gardens

Mom and Dad surprised us with season passes to Busch Gardens. We picked a day that was so empty and the weather was beautiful. We had zero lines on all the rides, got to see tons of animals. I rode lots of rides I would never ride before. I loved Cheetah Hunt!  I loved the kangaroo sign. They were so lazy in the cold weather. We even got to go on a safari tour. The best part of the tour was feeding the giraffes. This was just a young one, named Cupid.  We rode the sky buckets later int he afternoon. They were closed all day because of the winds. At 5pm the safari train turned into a Christmas Sing A. Long train! SO MUCH FUN! Ended the night looking at the lights on the way out of the park! What a great day!