Covid May Fun

Well, fun isn’t exactly the word. Our summer vacations and camps have officially been canceled. I picked up my first class at St. Petersburg College and am rocking it. It is a short 6 week computer skills class but I should finish it in 2 weeks at the pace I am working. I am also doing ALEKS college algebra as well to prep for math at SPC in the spring.

We deep cleaned and purged our rooms and closets. We gave away a lot of old games we don’t play. My last step was cleaning my discovery shelves. That only took 2 days!

May has been about enjoying the cool mornings in the yard, family game time, school, cats and just being home. I really miss all of our adventures but I know we will get back to them soon enough.

I celebrated Mother’s Day by picking mom some flowers and then we took a pandemic load of pasta up to Grandma Susie. We also celebrated Mom’s birthday and bought a new sofa for the living room.

We went on a few hikes and spent some time collecting insects. I let everything go that I caught but I still enjoyed myself.

Enjoy the photos and I hope we get to do some fun things this summer. Although I am really enjoying doing nothing.

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