4-H Forest Ecology and Insect Clubs

We took a trip to Gainesville for the Forest Ecology Clinic.We came up the night before since the clinic started so early. We had a great time learning about the plants that will be on the contest. There were mini sessions for all skill levels that taught a variety of topics. I worked on my pacing and compass skills. We had a huge group from our club come up so that was really nice. I had a little insect zoo going on in the main classroom by the end of the day. We are rolling with out insect club too. We have a few new members. We learned aobut insect life cycles, baby and adult forms of insects. We collected some specimen in the fields at Philippe Park. 

CMERA 4-H Trip

We had a great time with the crew of CMERA learning about sharks and marine biology. Sadly, we didn’t get to see any sharks but we did get to have fun trying. Learning how to bait the long lines. We did catch a few remora and had fun playing with those. I loved fishing off the back of the bot for baitfish. Every time you dropped a line you hooked SOMETHING! Relaxing after along morning work. Too bad the winds were too strong. We are going to go out again in April with the crew and try again! Such a wonderful field trip! 

4-H has Begun

We kicked off the year with our annual awards banquet. I got a gold clover award with $100 in clover cash to use towards events. This is the highest level you can get as a junior. Not I moved up to intermediates and am working for an emerald award this year. Our insect club got club of the year. I have lost 6 teeth in the last 4 weeks. They are just jumping out of my mouth left and right! My hamsters are still fuzzy and loveable. This is Butterscotch. This is Blue. We found a new fun ice cream treat place. It is called vampire Penguin. We enjoyed some bug hunting with Steven. Our County Council meeting was a huge success. I think this was the most people we have had in a long time. We had a guest speaker who taught us about making healthy breakfasts. We learned how to make 4 different egg dishes.  We all got to try out all the dishes in the kitchen. It was a lot of fun.

Summer if Over…

We spent our last summer day at the beach. We were determined to make it work but the weather just got sneaky. It was overcast but tolerable for the first hour or so then the skies darkened. We wrapped up and hightailed it to the car just in time for the storm to arrive. We waited it out before driving out of the park. I have never seen Honeymoon Island so empty!
Our first field trip of the year was to Kennedy Space Center. It was homeschool days and we got in for completely free. The entire family was able to enjoy this. We had a great time exploring the center and rides.  We learned a lot about space travel and all the equipment needed. We were racing against the storms but managed to get in everything we wanted to before the worst of them arrived. Back home and prepping for Hurricane Dorian’s potential landfall. We had to change over our water supply as it was all a year past date. B and I enjoyed smashing ad jumping on the bottles until the all burst. We cleaned up and recycled them at the end. Even the stores are getting in on this slow moving nightmare. Publix made all sorts of cakes and cookies. We ended up getting a cookie cake just for fun. Dorian left us. alone but that was a lot of waiting to see what would happen. I hope the rest of the hurricane season is peaceful. Oh, I was cooking in the kitchen and I burned myself, not once, but TWICE! I am okay, they didn’t hurt, other than my pride.