Marine Quest, Mock Marine Event and More Fun

We were able to get a spot at Marine Quest this year. We had a great time learning about phytoplankton at our first station.

We got to see some really cool microscopes including one that does 3-D imagines and another that is a scanning electron microscope! 

I was fascinated with the section on the Florida Duck. It looks like a mallard but it isn’t! I know how to tell them apart now! :) 

We learned how to use cameras with laser dots to measure parts of the feathers to determine the bird type without catching the birds. 

We learned about forensics and sharks with a fun ID station. There were some touch tanks too that I wanted to spend more time with.

Our last station was the oysters and learning about ocean acidification. 

I love our 4-H club so much! We get to do some awesome things! 

I had to go to the leaders meeting with Mom and I had fun making sticker art and playing with my new Toucan. 

This weekend was the state mock marine event. It wasn’t a contest as there were no awards or ribbons. We all got a golden scallop for participating! :) 

I only missed one item and it was the snow crab again. We worked so hard on it but I got confused. I know what I need to work on for next year! 

We also worked on our club box to go to Kenya! We are going to be pen-pals with a club in Africa! How cool! 

At archery we made our own targets to shoot at in November! 

I got a great photo of Uno, the squirrel!

I learned that I really like seafood. Grandma Susie joined us at Red Lobster since Dad was in DC again. I ate off Mom’s plate after mine was done. I had popcorn shrimp, butterfly shrimp, clam strips, bay scallops and cheddar biscuits! Mom was shocked with how much food i ate!

We wrapped up the week with some more fishing and celebrating our marine club ending for the year. Again, no fish were caught!

Again I spent most of the time playing with the shrimp in the bait bucket. 

And netting seaweed and looking for marine life in the floating clumps.

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