Warmer Day and So Much FUN!

These two photos were left over from yesterday. Somehow Mommy missed them! We had got all the Easter baskets out of the attic yesterday. I had a blast playing with the eggs and all the Easter grass.


Here is my wheelbarrow! I was such a little rockstar pushing it around the yard.


Today we went to the library again. We missed story time due to a confusion with the time. Oh well! We picked out a few books and then went to Boardman Township Park to play for a while. Last time I was on this playground I was still confined to the stroller. I had a blast today playing with this little plastic fire truck. I drove it backwards in circles for a half hour! I would get going so fast then hit something and fly under the front of the car. You would think tears would follow…nope laughter! I would just climb back up and go again!


Eventually Breighton had to take a turn driving so I hopped on the back!


Here we go! B was an excellent driver and I didn’t even fall off!


On the big playground they had this neat tire swing. I let Grandma Susie push me slowly for quite a while!


I was trying to do the log rolling like Breighton but I just couldn’t figure it out. I think my legs are still too short!


Fun Afternoon In the Yard

We hit the dollar store this morning and bought some eggs to hang on a tree in the front yard at Great Grandma’s house. I helped hand this pink one on the tree.


I was SO proud of me! 🙂


Out tree is done. It came out very pretty!


I was doing headstands in the mud!


Too bad this is fuzzy, we were both laughing so hard!


Then we played out back. I liked watching Breighton dig for worms. I needed my own bucket and shovel. Breighton kept getting mad at me for taking his!


Grandma Susie bought me a neat golf set to use in the yard. I did very well hitting the balls.


Then I wanted to clean everything up and dump it back out!


We got cleaned up in the warm tub after playing outside in the 36F weather! Neither of us wanted to get out of the tub it was so nice to be warm!


After bath and dindin we went to the library for a pajama story time. I was so tuckered by the time we got home I went right to bed!

Snowy Day Here In Ohio

I was so wonderful and slept in snuggled up to Mommy until 8:30 today! Mommy was VERY happy. I am eating like a pig again, finally! I enjoy my portable highchair.


We went outside today to play in the “snow”! Snow means that it was only on the car and a few random leaves on the ground. But it was still fluttering down a little from the sky.

I LOVED playing with the wheelbarrow.


Grandma Susie said my hands were cold but I didn’t have any gloves or mittens. So she put extra socks on my hands. That just really ticked me off!


Once I snuggled with Mommy for a bit I was okay with the “makeshift mittens”!


After a trip to the mall to buy mittens and a new hat today we came back and enjoyed a yummy lunch.


Naptime for me. More to come later! It is only 34F outside right now so we are all bundled up in the house for the afternoon.

Ohio Vacation Day One

This morning we took a wagon ride to go see maple sap tapping. I was bundled up pretty well but was still super cold. So cold that all I wanted to do was to nurse! Grandma was able to snap a photo before I had a meltdown.


I played a little in the yard and just wanted to come over and pick these flowers! I am not allowed to so I just kept getting mad.


After nap we went to the YMCA and I played in the splash pool with Breighton for a bit.


I really loved these little fountains.


Mommy kept pulling me out ever 5 minutes or so. I was chilly and my fingers and toes were turning blue! The water was 84F but the air was about 70F. So I was getting chilly fast. I think I spent 20 minutes in the water total and then Mommy got me cleaned up. B played for almost an hour!



Okay faithful blog readers, thanks for you patience. Mommy and Daddy finally got their act together and got things rolling again. Sorry for the delay. Please look back over the past several months to find all the new posts. They go back to the beginning of December, again sorry!

I got a clean bill of ear health from the doctor last week after several months of antibiotics and ear infections. So of course this week I have the cold ick. Hopefully it passes before our road trip to Ohio! 🙂

We promise to blog on a more consistent basis. Again SORRY for the delay!