Snowy Day Here In Ohio

I was so wonderful and slept in snuggled up to Mommy until 8:30 today! Mommy was VERY happy. I am eating like a pig again, finally! I enjoy my portable highchair.


We went outside today to play in the “snow”! Snow means that it was only on the car and a few random leaves on the ground. But it was still fluttering down a little from the sky.

I LOVED playing with the wheelbarrow.


Grandma Susie said my hands were cold but I didn’t have any gloves or mittens. So she put extra socks on my hands. That just really ticked me off!


Once I snuggled with Mommy for a bit I was okay with the “makeshift mittens”!


After a trip to the mall to buy mittens and a new hat today we came back and enjoyed a yummy lunch.


Naptime for me. More to come later! It is only 34F outside right now so we are all bundled up in the house for the afternoon.

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