Ohio Vacation Day One

This morning we took a wagon ride to go see maple sap tapping. I was bundled up pretty well but was still super cold. So cold that all I wanted to do was to nurse! Grandma was able to snap a photo before I had a meltdown.


I played a little in the yard and just wanted to come over and pick these flowers! I am not allowed to so I just kept getting mad.


After nap we went to the YMCA and I played in the splash pool with Breighton for a bit.


I really loved these little fountains.


Mommy kept pulling me out ever 5 minutes or so. I was chilly and my fingers and toes were turning blue! The water was 84F but the air was about 70F. So I was getting chilly fast. I think I spent 20 minutes in the water total and then Mommy got me cleaned up. B played for almost an hour!


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