Warmer Day and So Much FUN!

These two photos were left over from yesterday. Somehow Mommy missed them! We had got all the Easter baskets out of the attic yesterday. I had a blast playing with the eggs and all the Easter grass.


Here is my wheelbarrow! I was such a little rockstar pushing it around the yard.


Today we went to the library again. We missed story time due to a confusion with the time. Oh well! We picked out a few books and then went to Boardman Township Park to play for a while. Last time I was on this playground I was still confined to the stroller. I had a blast today playing with this little plastic fire truck. I drove it backwards in circles for a half hour! I would get going so fast then hit something and fly under the front of the car. You would think tears would follow…nope laughter! I would just climb back up and go again!


Eventually Breighton had to take a turn driving so I hopped on the back!


Here we go! B was an excellent driver and I didn’t even fall off!


On the big playground they had this neat tire swing. I let Grandma Susie push me slowly for quite a while!


I was trying to do the log rolling like Breighton but I just couldn’t figure it out. I think my legs are still too short!


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