New York City and The Lion King

We toured the Empire State Building early in the morning. It was already crowded. We enjoyed the somewhat breezy conditions up on the top. I was just done with the crowds. Can we leave this New York place yet? B got me smiling again by pointing out buildings that were inthe Percy Jackson stories. Guess what, down from the building… why are there SO many people here??A few quick photos in Time Square before going across the street to see the Lion King. YAY! My happy place. Air conditioning, assigned seats and less people. I absolutely loved the play and got a really nice soft Lion King blanket as a souvenir. Once we left we got right on the bus and I waved goodbye to all the crowds as we slowly made our way back to the campground. The campground was only 30 miles away but it took nearly 2.5 hours to get there! I DON’T love New York! 

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