CIA and Roosevelt Mansion

We started our second tour day at the CIA — Culinary Institute of America. The grounds of the school were amazing! We quickly discovered the Apple Pie Bakerfy Cafe and got cookies larger than our heads! There were amazing cakes all over! I was in heaven! We had a great student docent who showed us all over. Photos weren’t allowed once we entered inside. Inside we saw the dessert pastry area. One of the head chef instructors came out and gave all the kids in our tour group fresh hot chocolate chip cookies. The adults were very jealous! Up next more bus riding to the Roosevelt Mansion. We enjoyed listening to the young docent. He was very knowledgable! We learned that Roosevelt loved to collect animals and mount them when he was a teenager. We saw some of the chairs and contraptions he used to hide his disability from polio.

My favorite part was the special collection in the museum and the beautiful gardens outside near the gravesite of Roosevelt.  Fala, his dog, was also buried on this site. This was an art carving made from two pieces of the Berlin Wall. Some of the old war era posters were really entertaining and terrifying at the same time. I worked very hard on my Junior Ranger book. But still had time to run around with my new friend, Beckett, and be goofy. I was excited to find Fala!!!

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