Escaping the Crowds

Ahhh…. fresh air!  We opted to skip out on the last day of the HOP and spend some time communing with nature. We all needed this, badly! We found Clarence Fahnestock State Park and plotted out a nice 6-7 mile hike. The weather was amazing! We grabbed our bug collecting gear, water and snacks and hit the trail. 

The trail followed along three lakes and was about 6-7 miles long.  Soon we were deep int he woods without anyone else in sight! Our happy places! There were little creeks along the trail that we checked for aquatic animals. The terrain shifted drastically as we wandered the trail. What a break from the craziness of the city. These are honest for forced smiles. It is amazing how nature just makes us happy. Part of the Appalachian Trail. The final stretch was along the road but there weren’t many cars. We enjoyed an ice cream treat from a place Dad went as a kid often. Back at the campground for time on the jumpy pad. I jumped for several hours! I was completely exhausted and ready to go home!

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