Madison, Florida – Yogi Bear Campground

We arrived a day early at the Yogi Bear Campground in Madison, Florida. The campground was fairly empty so we enjoyed time in the lazy river, pool and beach before the weekend crowds arrived.

I loved the 4 story slide. I went down the slide about 20 times. Mom said that was like climbing an 80 story building! WOW!

There was also a lake with inflatables to play on. I loved the air cushion that you can launch people off of.

Snuggling with Breighton before he heads of to 4-H Intermediate State camp. He has been really nice to me lately.

Since camp drop off it so late at night everyone from the county was dropped off with us at the campground. It was pouring when everyone arrived. We opted to watch Alice in Wonderland and have popcorn while we waited for camp.

The rain stopped for a while and we got to play putt putt before they all went to camp.

Once they were at camp I just wanted to watch TV and do nothing. I was missing Breighton very badly. The next day I went swimming for an hour and did the slide a few times. I colored a cool shirt. Then I was done. I did help clean a little and then just sat in the back bedroom and vegged. I honestly miss B a LOT when he is gone!

I drove home with Dad in the motorhome while Mom waited to pick up all the kids from camp. Dad left for DC shortly after we got home.

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