Busy Week at Home Before Camp

Dad is off to DC and we are playing with friends before everyone else leaves for the summer. We enjoyed a morning of bowling.

The next day we went and saw a free summer movie, Ice Age. Then went out to lunch at Quaker Steak and Lube.

Zoe came down and we died shirts and had fund watching  movie, since it always rains when she visits.

We got all packed for Ocala Adventure Camp.

I wasn’t feeling to well and asked to go to the doctor. I was fine but they did say to up the allergy meds for a few weeks to adapt back to Florida.

We have owls in the backyard. There are 3 babies and 2 adults. They are super cute to watch bob around and learn to fly and hunt.

We participated int he fun shoot at WAC. I improved my score quite a bit over the last tournament. I was proud but I was tired so I was in a bad mood.

We have hearing protection in since there were people on the shotgun range during our time.



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