St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Stop #1 was top priority after crossing into Canada: KINDER EGGS!

We hit the beach at the campground. B and I played outside until dinner and then more afterwards. We really love it here and hope to keep coming back.

Our first full day was packed with fun. We started at the Wild Salmon Nature Center. We got a personal tour guide for the time and learned all about the history of the salmon and fishing in Canada.

I loved looking at all the fishing flies!

We got to see the few salmon that they had in the river tank. They had just opened last week so it was still pretty quiet.

We hiked the upper falls and part of the lower falls trails. The river was so soothing and calming.

B with the spock thing is driving me nuts!

I enjoyed exploring along the rivers edge.

Grandma and Grandpa had a nice hike along with us. We are trying to do easier hikes with them and then more difficult ones on our own.

We toured the Ganong Cholocate Factory. It was all you can eat chocolate but honestly it wasn’t that good!

I enjoyed watching them hand dip chocolates.

After lunch at the motorhome we headed out to the Fundy Discovery at Huntsman Marine. I loved all the animals in the tidal pools and watching the sea lions play in their tank.

We left Grandma and Grandpa downtown with their car and we walked home past the lighthouse and along the beach at low tide.

We have a “paint factory” that we are running on the beach. We are smashing all sorts of things to get different colors. Mom thinks we are so creative. B and I get along really well and I love creating adventures with him.

We found all sorts of critters in the tide pools.

We drove across the ocean floor to Minister’s Island and had a lovely tour of the property. It was neat to see the tide go out and a road appear. Mom was nervous driving but got us out and back safely.

Everything was so ornate and fancy.

B and I LOVED the huge billiards table!

My favorite part of the tour was visiting the pool house. It was built into the cliff and they had (at one point) a pool carver out of the rock that changed daily with the tides.

I loved the view so much that I didn’t hear Mom call for me that we were leaving and I ALMOST got left behind!

B and I had fun at the playground at a seafood place. I opted to eat at the motorhome so I just payed while everyone else ate food.

The last day in town was wet and dreary. We did laundry in the morning  and worked on some school stuff.

We said goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma as they headed north towards Newfoundland and we headed south towards Campbell Island. It has been fun traveling with them.



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