Kennebunk, Maine and Red Apple Campground

We arrived safely in Maine and settled into the Red Apple Campground. we had two amazing sites in a quiet part of the park. The weather was amazing the first two days just a little brisk at night. The rest of the trip it was damp and cold.

The first night, and all the nights after, we had lobster delivered to the campsite. I don’t like lobster but I love to crack the claws and knuckles!

I played photographer too!

We had a wonderful hike at Mt. Agamenticus. The trails were well maintained and the sites and views were pretty cool. I was happy it wasn’t too hot but I wasn’t happy that there were bugs all over the place! We hiked quickly to avoid the buzzing beasts. I even got to rock scramble some!

We found a cool Eastern Tent Caterpillars nest.

The view from the lookout was amazing. We could see for miles and miles.

Next we headed towards a place called Palace Playland. Sadly it wasn’t open for the season yet but we had a nice time walking around and looking in fences and windows. I was TOO TIRED to walk so Dad offered to carry me. I burst into laughter once I got him to carry me. I just didn’t want to walk.

We found fried dough with powdered sugar. That was yummy.

The evenings were cold and damp so we hung out in the rec center at the campground a lot. Thankfully we swam the first day or else it wouldn’t have happened due to the weather. I am a master at Jenga!

They had air hockey and fooseball for free to play. We played quite a few games!

The last night we had a huge lobster feast indoors since it was so cold and wet outside. I cleaned my share of claws and knuckles!



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