Washington DC – Red Apple Campground

We had a great time exploring Washington DC with Grandma  and Grandpa. We helped them navigate the Metro and then sent them off to the Ford’s Theater. We walked to the National Archives and checked out historical documents like the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. 


We wandered around and stopped in the Spy Museum gift shop and then bought a fidget spinner from a stand in front of the Ford’s Theater.

We spent the afternoon at the Natural History Museum. I loved all the butterflies and insects. I also enjoyed the mounted animals from all over the world.

The butterflies really liked Grandpa Howie.

I held a scorpion, cockroach and a hornworm caterpillar.

The next day we were off to the National Zoo. It was a LOT of walking. At least the weather was cooperating and it stayed sunshiney.

I fell in love again with the fennec fox.

We ate lunch on the picnic benches and a duck stalked me the entire time. I never let a crumb fall!

Dino skull!

Day three was an early start and a view of the US capitol building. Then we spent time wandering around the botanical gardens.

We had lunch at the American Indian Museum and explored the exhibits and the children area.

In the afternoon we saw a cool musical called Ragtime at the Ford’s Theater. I loved the show and thought the music was awesome.

B and I cooked dinner. I made couscous and dessert while B make chicken strips.

The last day we enjoyed the Air and Space Museum.

We got to help with a show on the ISS. We were the moon and the earth!

After lunch we took the Metro up to see the White House and see all the protesters. Sadly there were only a few.

We were more distracted with the cicada holes.

We finally found the first one and then the next morning we found a lot at the campground.

B and I had a blast in the pool. While it may look like he is trying to kill me he is really trying to help me with a handstand!



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