State Archery Match

We came back up to Newberry for the state match for 4-H. There were a LOT of kids there! I was excited to see that yet again there were only two of us in the recurve group! 

We had three levels to the tournament. There was 3D, Field and FITA. I like the 3D the best.

After a morning the woods we hung out under the canopy waiting our turn on the FITA lanes.

The sky got really dark but it just passed us by. No rain! JUST HEAT AND SUN! I enjoyed myself a lot and shot terrible. I was more interested in the ants that were on the sidewalk.

I did get second place, out of 2!

We also found out that I got a blue ribbon on my photo and it is going to the state level contest. I am so excited! We missed demonstration day but will do a makeup wen we get home.




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