A Week in MY Life?

We have been hiking a lot and exploring trees and parks. I am really studying hard for forest ecology!

I am loving working with our new sample books full of examples of the species we have to learn!

We dressed snazzy for demonstration day makeup. Mom had a fun time taking photos before we went to the make-up day.

I did  great job and earned a blue ribbon for my invasive species talk.

We hosted the annual homeschool Easter egg hunt again. We had about 50 kids this year, a smaller group, and it was much more fun!

More hiking for B to learn bout mangroves for his part of the contest.


I am still digesting my Steve Spangler kits. I love them so much and spend hours in the kitchen doing science experiments!

We also learned about print making and shirt design. I made this shirt with the eye of Horus on it! I am slightly into mythology right now, just slightly! Okay I am ALL in!

We are working on our Master of the House performance with Mrs. Kasie. I enjoy singing but only what I want to sing!

More intense study sessions. Mom just gives me material and I sit and talk about it out loud to anyone of anything that will listen. I am so ready for the contest!

Fun with friends mixed between our chaotic days.



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