Rainbow River Fun

This is one of my favorite places to go camping. We love to scooter around the loops and down to the water to look for critters. We found a massive water moccasin in a tree by the river. On the way back to the campsite Mom almost stepped on his coral snake! EEK!

We met our friends we made in Georgia at a RV show for a day of fun. They live in Ocala and have another house on the river. So this is their home! We had a blast in the spring head. I didn’t want to get wet until just before we had to leave.

I got wet up to by belly button and that was it! Maybe tomorrow?

We hiked all the trails at the campground practicing for Forest Ecology. We were amazed how many species we found that were on our lists!

We even found a luna moth caught in a spider web! I wish I would have collected it but the wings looked tattered.

The next day we went back with Dad and I did go swimming.

Lots of jumping!

We hiked the trails while we dried off. We even took time to smell all of the roses!



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