WAC Fun Shoot and More

We did a run through for the WAC tournament this weekend. I can’t beleive the weather got cold again! I had a fun time shooting at the 3D targets. 


B and I practiced the milk jug challenge. It was a lot of fun! He beat me but only barely! 

During the actual tournament B and I were the only two kids. I shot fairly well. The distances were a bit far for me but I was still happy and having fun. 

I did manage to get a kill shot on a deer from 20 yards. It was a perfect shot!

I got 2nd place, go figure, and won a $10 gift card to Adventures Archery in Tampa. One of the range officers also gave me a good sportsmanship award since I struggled with all the distances and just kept smiling.

I baked and sold cupcakes and made $40 for the Jr. Shooters program!

After the tournament we came home and the final shipment of our Mail Order Mystery arrived. It was a really cool book!

We spent the weekend practicing for Forest Ecology coming up. I am really excited and hope I do well!


Oh I also made my poster for 4-H! It is about burmese pythons!




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