State Archery Match

We came back up to Newberry for the state match for 4-H. There were a LOT of kids there! I was excited to see that yet again there were only two of us in the recurve group! 

We had three levels to the tournament. There was 3D, Field and FITA. I like the 3D the best.

After a morning the woods we hung out under the canopy waiting our turn on the FITA lanes.

The sky got really dark but it just passed us by. No rain! JUST HEAT AND SUN! I enjoyed myself a lot and shot terrible. I was more interested in the ants that were on the sidewalk.

I did get second place, out of 2!

We also found out that I got a blue ribbon on my photo and it is going to the state level contest. I am so excited! We missed demonstration day but will do a makeup wen we get home.




Rainbow River Fun

This is one of my favorite places to go camping. We love to scooter around the loops and down to the water to look for critters. We found a massive water moccasin in a tree by the river. On the way back to the campsite Mom almost stepped on his coral snake! EEK!

We met our friends we made in Georgia at a RV show for a day of fun. They live in Ocala and have another house on the river. So this is their home! We had a blast in the spring head. I didn’t want to get wet until just before we had to leave.

I got wet up to by belly button and that was it! Maybe tomorrow?

We hiked all the trails at the campground practicing for Forest Ecology. We were amazed how many species we found that were on our lists!

We even found a luna moth caught in a spider web! I wish I would have collected it but the wings looked tattered.

The next day we went back with Dad and I did go swimming.

Lots of jumping!

We hiked the trails while we dried off. We even took time to smell all of the roses!



WAC Fun Shoot and More

We did a run through for the WAC tournament this weekend. I can’t beleive the weather got cold again! I had a fun time shooting at the 3D targets. 


B and I practiced the milk jug challenge. It was a lot of fun! He beat me but only barely! 

During the actual tournament B and I were the only two kids. I shot fairly well. The distances were a bit far for me but I was still happy and having fun. 

I did manage to get a kill shot on a deer from 20 yards. It was a perfect shot!

I got 2nd place, go figure, and won a $10 gift card to Adventures Archery in Tampa. One of the range officers also gave me a good sportsmanship award since I struggled with all the distances and just kept smiling.

I baked and sold cupcakes and made $40 for the Jr. Shooters program!

After the tournament we came home and the final shipment of our Mail Order Mystery arrived. It was a really cool book!

We spent the weekend practicing for Forest Ecology coming up. I am really excited and hope I do well!


Oh I also made my poster for 4-H! It is about burmese pythons!




Disney/Universal and Wrapping Up Tasks

We met Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie over at Fort Wilderness for a few nights. We figured this was the last hurrah with out passes before the summer heat kicks in. We had a lovely time at Universal Studios exploring the Harry Potter areas.


I enjoyed the time t the campground just goofing around. This is me upside down in the pool.

Dad had to work one day so Mom took is on a trip around the monorails to poke hunt. We had a fun time exploring all of the hotels.

Over the weekend Mom made some fun shooting for us with archery. We shot at little balloons on the target. It was a lot of fun!

We also found new pinwheels for the garden and decorated the entire yard with them!



Fun with 4-H and Life

Mom had her surgery yesterday so today Grandma Susie took us to our 4-H club meeting. We played on the beach before the club met.

We learned about trees and photosynthesis.

After the educational part we all helped with a huge beach clean-up!

B and I have been finding old toys to play with to keep busy and leave Mom some quiet time to heal. Today we played with the Spheros and made all sorts of mazes for them.

We did get to shoot some archery. We have the big state tournament in a few weeks.