More Fun at Fundy

Another few rainy cloudy days here in Fundy National Park and another day of hiking and exploring for us. Today we discovered red chairs. Red chairs are placed around Canadian parks to encourage people to get out and explore and find their spot. I loved looking out over Pointe Wolf. We will hike down there are lunch today.


We found a nice memorial plaque that someone left for their beloved dog that died a few years ago. Someone started a stick pile. I thought it was sad and happy at the same time and had to add several sticks to the pile for the doggie.


I am still amazed with the tides here and seeing the differences between low and high tides.


We spent a lot of time at the playground, especially on the ziplines. I am getting a LOT of upper body strength this summer and working hard at the monkey bars too!



What a difference from when we were sitting in the red chairs. Oh and the sun came out for about 30 minutes!


The next morning at low tide we got down to Pointe Wolf beach. It was basically a mud bog! The mud sucked your feet right in with force. Mom lost her shoes and had to dig them out. We were all covered in mud past our ankles. But we found this cool sculpin (fish) stuck when he tide was going out. We snapped a photo and then dug a path to release it. Mom turned her back and I started a mud fight with B. What, that’s what I do!


After getting somewhat cleaned up in the water not near the mud bog we were given the all clear to ride back to the campground in the car (wrapped in towels and half stripped).




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