Hopewell Rocks

We drove 45 minutes to Hopewell Rocks. The tides were can be as high as 45 feet. Today they were about 38 feet. We arrived at peak high tide. We explored the upper cliffs and trails then headed down to see the access point of the beach.


There was not much beach to stand on.


We hiked around the trails some more and then had a bit of lunch before heading back when beach access opened up officially as the tide was going out.


On the trail back I found a loony! A loony is a Canadian $1 coin. I was so excited because in the USA all I find are pennies. Anyway, the rocks were all exposed now and we hiked down the beach quite a ways.



I was in a grumpy mood because the wind was really blowing and I was cold. So of course I was making faces for photos. I can actually roll my eyes so far back that you can’t see them! Now that is Emmerson Talent!


We came back the next day with Dad to explore again and some new areas too. We all had a great time at Hopewell Rocks. These tides are epic!


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