Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

The weather hasn’t been he best but we aren’t complaining. We bought new rain/ wind jackets along the way so hiking in the rain isn’t all that bad now. I am adapting to the cold and keep saying I am hot when it is 50F outside!


I am a total goof for most of the photos and Mom has just given up. This is Dickson Falls and it was AMAZING!


I love the interrupted fern! Did you know that people eat ferns in Canada? They call them fiddleheads. That is just WEIRD!


I love bounding down the trails and then telling Mom my energy device is out and I need to go slow and apply my breaks to recharge myself.


Off I go, always in the lead lately.


I loved going down the 158 stairs at Herring Cove. We even saw groundhogs in the field before we went down to the beach.


Mom was lagging behind but caught up eventually.


I found a handful of really pretty rocks and left them in a hidden place in case we every go back to this beach.


We got cleaned up and I sat in the motorhome for the evening playing sadly by the window watching the rain.


The next day was more hiking and exploring. We are trying to hike 100km on our trip in Canada Parks to earn a special pin. I am so excited and make Mom log and get signed off on every trail!



I enjoyed hiking a lot at the Caribou Plaines because I found a balloon that I carried until I found a trash can 2.8 km later! We had quite the adventure as we hiked the trails and boardwalks. I named him Balloon-ee.


The peat bog was cool except for the fact that a moose died a few years ago after getting stuck in the bog.


I am loving the nature around our campground. We are building forts behind he campsite with failed branches. Mom never got a photo of our lean-to but it was really big.


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