More National Mall Exploring

Today we explored the monuments. We started at the Washington Monument. We tried to get tickets but they were all sold out. We walked around and learned that the flags stand for the 50 states but not anyone in particular stands for a specific state.

IMG_8548 IMG_8551

We wandered down the Mall and saw the White House in the distance.

IMG_8555 IMG_8556

We stopped at several of the war memorials. This was the World War 2 Memorial.


We learned about Normandy.


We found our home state.


We stopped in front of the Lincoln Memorial to watch the ducks in the reflecting pool.


We visited with Mr. Lincoln and read the Gettysburg Address off the wall.


I really enjoyed the FDR Memorial. I learned a lot from the states and quotes.


I fell in love with his dog, Fala.


I had to adopt a Fala in the giftshop!


We walked towards the Jefferson Memorial and saw a red tailed hawk in a tree and baby Canadian geese.


We met up with Dad at the Jefferson Memorial after lunch.


We came back to the campground and Mom worked on laundry while B and I braved the swimming pool.


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