Doggone Reading

Mom signed me up for a chance to cuddle and read with dogs at the library. I didn’t want any of the big dogs. I waited a while and let kids go in front of me because I wanted a small dog. This is Bella, Bella is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. Most of her breed is hairless. She isn’t. She also has cancer. Her leg was amputated 5 weeks ago and she got her first radiation treatment today. I knew she was the right fit for me just as much as I was the right fit for her.

We got to know each other a little and then go to reading.


She laid on the blanket and I laid on the flood. I pet her as I read a chapter of a Puppy Place book to her.


She was so sweet and calm. My reading voice got louder so she could hear over the other kids talking in the room.


After I finished I snuggled her gently and made her feel happy. She was an awesome pup and I hope I get to see her at the next Doggone Reading Fun event.


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