Rainbow Springs State Park Campground

On the road again. We headed up to Dunnellon, Florida to Rainbow Springs State Park Campground for a family fun weekend. Mom thinks that it is funny that when we travel I like to curl in in front of her seat where her feet go. I was cold and needed foot snuggles apparently.


We had cold mornings and nice afternoons the entire trip. We played outside in the mornings and afternoons. The campsites were huge! We had plenty of room to play and explore.


We brought our ropes and made a fake zip-line. I really caught some air. Even if I crashed right to the ground.

IMG_5805 IMG_5810

Dad volunteered to help but not much better results. But Mom snapped some photos of me “flying”.


We played ping-pong in the rec center. Mom said I needed some more work. I would try to hit the ball and somehow would hit it with the back of my paddle and send it flying into the wall behind me.


We drove over to the State Park after lunch on Friday. I was having nothing to do with going in the water. I was deathly afraid of alligators.


I watched B go in and swim all over.


I finally dipped a toe in.


Then up to my knees.


B finally came over and convinced me to get in. But i agreed only if he piggybacked me over to Mom’s feet on the edge.


He brought me over to Mom.


I grabbed on Mom’s feet and wasn’t about to let go.


Then I realized I couldn’t see under the dock and maybe there was an alligator there?


So hanging onto Mom’s feet I managed to completely get myself out of the water.


After a few minutes of pep talk I finally took off. I swam all over without a care in the world. Everything has to be on my schedule and in my timeframe. When I was ready, I was ready. There was no convincing me otherwise.

IMG_5868 IMG_5871

We dried off and explored the park some more. It use to have a zoo and other attractions. We checked out the old cages and wondered what each one held.


Ewe walked out to the phosphate pits. Nothing too awesome other than a goat hole in the ground.


We did see dung beetle hard at work with some dog scat.


Back to the campground for dinner, campfire and S’Mores. IMG_5888



We were up early and outside playing in the morning. We walked down to the river and looked for critters then stopped off at the playground. I buried myself in the sand.


We rented a canoe and took a paddle up the headsprings. We saw lots of turtles, birds and even a few otters!


We had a great time hiking around at the park again.

IMG_5901 IMG_5909

The campsite was amazing. There is a huge area to the left of the motorhome in the photo that you could put a few tents on it was so big.


We took one last scooter ride. We went as a family down the road the tubing tram takes. It was a super long scooter ride and we were all exhausted afterwards.

On the way home I spent a lot of time fiddling around with my loose teeth. The two top front are ready to come out any day. I tried to pull them on the way home but had no luck. One is really pushed over and starting to turn sideways in my mouth. Mom said hopefully I can pull them out before my dentist appointment in a few weeks!



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