Valentine’s Weekend with Grandma Susie

I had a wonderful time staying at Grandma Susie’s house. We played games, baked cookies, went to the park and took long bathes in the tubs.


We even made a fort in the living room. I insisted that I sleep in it the second night.


One morning we walked the mile to the Publix for donuts! We climbed every tree on the way. In the ponds we saw turtles (one of which is Crush), an alligator (I named it Nautilus) and even an otter!

IMG_5781 IMG_5780

When we came back home on Sunday, B and I were acting like best buds. We curled up not he sofa for the evening and read Harry Potter out loud to each other.


I also studies for Marine Ecology for 4H for next year. I took the multiple choice test for the first time and got 86%! I guess I have been learning it all along with Breighton.

IMG_5789 IMG_5794

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