Back to Reality

With nearly 8 weeks off and a insanely busy last few months we all looked forward to school starting back up. I will admit I wasn’t too excited but I tried my best and stuck with the first week back. Mom made sure there was still plenty of fun going on to balance the school.

We set up “Ultimate Hopscotch” in the driveway and sidewalk. We had friends over to play and hop around on the challenging 100+ square course full of touches, fire, lava and bends.

IMG_4927 IMG_4936

I am excited to be done with the elementary series of my math program. I am starting fractions now and giving Mom way less trouble about actually writing out my math problems. I still do it all in my head but I am starting to see why I should write it out. But I will give Mom grief just because so she doesn’t think there is something wrong with me! I am still stubborn and emotional and not afraid to share that with mom and dad every minute of the day!



I am goofy too! Yes, that is still Night-Night. She is still hanging around me all the time at home. She doesn’t go out much, unless we travel.


I had scrambled eggs this week and LIKED THEM, sort of, kind of, maybe. Maybe it was a new ketchup delivery system? FYI, B made the eggs for me!


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