Last Week of Being Seven


Turning 7 has me nervous about new responsibilities and school getting harder. Mom said it will feel no different than being 7 but I am not sure on that! Math certainly is getting harder.

We have been hanging out at the car dealership trying to get the Jeep fixed this week. Their lobby has become our classroom. We had to get up super early and I was exhausted.


I fell asleep mid-math question.


Dad is in Ohio for work and we decided it was cool enough outside for a campfire. We tried to make some snacks but they turned out terrible. Instead we just sat around and listened to more of the audio book for 20000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

IMG_5046 IMG_5050

The bottoms of the foil packs had chocolate chips and they burned instead of melted.

IMG_5051 IMG_5053

Back at the car dealership for another day. We ended up being set out on a rental car.


We made a fun stop at Art from the Heart Pottery in Dunedin. We had a great time paining with friends. Grandma Susie even came to watch us paint!


I picked a rabbit and a tile to make it look like a grassy yard.


My buddy Curtis painted a cat.


My attention to detail is always improving. My bunny had to be “just right”.


I used every brush on the table and lots of different colors.


Final products!


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