Backyard gardening

Every spare moment for the last week or more at our house has been spent getting the yard ready for our garden. Daddy found these “square foot” gardening boxes super inexpensive at Lowe’s and then built a few from wood. We got to help with up all the “dirt”.


The Reed boys working hard and getting FILTHY!


Mix and sprinkle.


Hard at work… it was more like play.


As you can see Daddy was REALLY into mixing the dirt.


Mommy stayed mostly clean so she could help in any emergencies and for beverage runs. Smart Mommy!

Cracker Country in Tampa, FL

Today we took a trip out to Cracker County for “free museum” day. I had a fun time running from building to building. I LOVED looking at the chickens and there was even a rooster. Whenever I went “cock-a-doodle-doo” the silly rooster would crow right back at me. I told Mommy I was “aking the un” (translated in Emmer-speak to “Waking the Sun”).


We found honey sticks for sale at the “honey house”. I had to have TWO!


We played some of the old fashion games that they had. I really liked the “exercise” toy.


**above photo courtesy of Julia Roberts

I concentrated really hard on squeezing to make the man do flips. I apparently think better with my eyes closed!


I HAD to do everything the big kids did. I washed the clothing with the plunger washer.


I waited patiently for my turn. When a kid cut in front of me I stood up and shouted at him ” ME NEXT!” Mommy is glad I am learning to stand up for myself.


Finally, it was my turn. Rub-a-dub-dub and scrub-a-scrub-scrub got the clothing all clean!


I played with the big kids in some raised storage container of sorts.


I LOVED feeding the chickens. I would have been content to watch them all day long. I think I want a chicken from Santa!


We even went to school in the old schoolhouse. No one had to wear the dunce cap!


Cracker Country was fun. Totally work a regular admission for everything that you get to see and do. On the way out I picked out a jacob’s ladder toy for a treat for such a lovely morning with friends and learning.

Homeschool Fossil Dig

I got t participate with all the other homeschoolers in a “fossil dig”.

Mommy was amazed at how well all the kids sat and followed directions!


I had a blast chipping away at my dinosaur. I worked really hard at it. I recruited Mommy for a lot of work as well. We finally got all the bones out and I was filthy from all of the dust that it created.


We all decided to go for a walk and burn off some energy. We climbed the indian mound and went down the other side to visit the water. Suddenly the entire group of kids was in the water. I asked Mommy if I could take off my shoes and go in. Mommy had no spare clothing so I gave up my shirt so I had something dry to ride home in.


I had ZERO fear of the water and soon was “swimming” (laying in the water with my hands pulling me on the sand while my feet kicked at the waters surface).


Such a little water bug playing in the mangrove. Don’t worry it was checked for creatures first! 🙂


BUtterflies are neat

Today we went to a grand opening of a new butterfly garden at Hammock Park in Dunedin. I loved looking at all the butterflies and plants. I even got to make a butterfly!


After lunch Mommy took Breighton and I to the Long Center playground and we hunted for caterpillars in the butterfly garden there. Sadly, we found none. Maybe next time!