Cracker Country in Tampa, FL

Today we took a trip out to Cracker County for “free museum” day. I had a fun time running from building to building. I LOVED looking at the chickens and there was even a rooster. Whenever I went “cock-a-doodle-doo” the silly rooster would crow right back at me. I told Mommy I was “aking the un” (translated in Emmer-speak to “Waking the Sun”).


We found honey sticks for sale at the “honey house”. I had to have TWO!


We played some of the old fashion games that they had. I really liked the “exercise” toy.


**above photo courtesy of Julia Roberts

I concentrated really hard on squeezing to make the man do flips. I apparently think better with my eyes closed!


I HAD to do everything the big kids did. I washed the clothing with the plunger washer.


I waited patiently for my turn. When a kid cut in front of me I stood up and shouted at him ” ME NEXT!” Mommy is glad I am learning to stand up for myself.


Finally, it was my turn. Rub-a-dub-dub and scrub-a-scrub-scrub got the clothing all clean!


I played with the big kids in some raised storage container of sorts.


I LOVED feeding the chickens. I would have been content to watch them all day long. I think I want a chicken from Santa!


We even went to school in the old schoolhouse. No one had to wear the dunce cap!


Cracker Country was fun. Totally work a regular admission for everything that you get to see and do. On the way out I picked out a jacob’s ladder toy for a treat for such a lovely morning with friends and learning.

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