Homeschool Fossil Dig

I got t participate with all the other homeschoolers in a “fossil dig”.

Mommy was amazed at how well all the kids sat and followed directions!


I had a blast chipping away at my dinosaur. I worked really hard at it. I recruited Mommy for a lot of work as well. We finally got all the bones out and I was filthy from all of the dust that it created.


We all decided to go for a walk and burn off some energy. We climbed the indian mound and went down the other side to visit the water. Suddenly the entire group of kids was in the water. I asked Mommy if I could take off my shoes and go in. Mommy had no spare clothing so I gave up my shirt so I had something dry to ride home in.


I had ZERO fear of the water and soon was “swimming” (laying in the water with my hands pulling me on the sand while my feet kicked at the waters surface).


Such a little water bug playing in the mangrove. Don’t worry it was checked for creatures first! 🙂


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