Didgeridoo Down Under

Today we went to a local branch of the library for a program called “Didgeridoo Down Under”. It was all about Australia, animals, people and music!

The man played the didgeridoo.


I thought it was the funniest thing in the WORLD! I laughed for the entire hour of the show. He has stuffed animals, told jokes and I just LAUGHED!


At the end I became an owl! Mommy isn’t sure why!


Oh, YES!

My basic dialog lately.

Mommy: Emmerson can you say “CAR”?

Me: NO

Mommy: Emmerson can you say “FISH”?

Me: NO

Mommy: Emmerson can you say “NO”?

Me: NO. *pause* OH, YESSSSSSSSS. *laugh*

I like to say “Oh, yessssss”. It cracks Mommy and Daddy up!

On other notes: I have put #2 in the potty three times this week. GO ME! My diaper was dry all day as well today! I am getting closer to potty training but Mommy is not pushing it.

Welcome Home

We have been very busy since we got home to Florida. We cleaned the house from top to bottom. We spent several days Letterboxing in a local park. I am reconnecting with the toys and stuffed animals I left for nearly a month while we were on vacation! Mommy has been trying to schedule lots of play dates so we can see our local friends again. I got to go swimming in Lochness at Innisbrook again! I LOVE that pool! Thank you Goldman family!

Today we joined up with Breighton’s pal, Zachary, down at their beach home. We saw lots of seabirds at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary and then played on the beach for a while.

I like being part of the gang. I know someday Breighton will cast me off, but until then I am right up with what the big kids are doing!


I didn’t want to get wet today so I stayed up on the beach. The real issue was I didn’t want to get my new “baby shoes” dirty. Breighton and I got matching shoes while we were in North Carolina!


Racing to show Mommy my shell treasure! I found the SMALLEST shell! BABY SHELL! ME HAPPY!


I put it in the bottle for safe keeping.


Too bad I looked away! This would have been a cute picture… I was distracted by the birds!


We came back to the Goldman’s house and got all showered off! I LOVED the shower! It was like rain. I snuggled up with the big kids for some Scooby Doo!


I got bored with cartoons and saw Miss Lynn in the kitchen doing something that looked way more interesting than TV. I came out to help. She was making challah for Shabbat tonight. I helped kneed the dough.


Pound pound pound!


Miss Lynn showed me how to stretch the dough and then how to braid it to make a beautiful loaf of challah. I even made a “baby challah” ( i can say challah!!!) that was about an inch long and not braided!


I had a wonderful long day of play. Time for bed!

Last Day of Vacation

We had a busy day again today. We took a trip to Cradle of Forestry again. Aunite Kim (her Friend Mr. Gary) and Cousins Anna and Ian came into town late last night. I haven’t seen them in a long time so this was a real treat for Emmerson and me.

He enjoyed a long drive and them some lunch and a long walk.


I liked playing in the box of sawdust.


I have a future career as a bell ringer. I just didn’t want to give it up.


Yeeee HAW!


Mommy keeps forgetting to mention the new game I like to play in restrooms. It all started at the YMCA in Ohio. If my hair is wet (and now even if it is dry) I found a new way to dry it.


WEEEEEEEEEEE! Air drying. It makes my hair nice and hot and straight!


We made a few scenic stops along the river and Blue Ridge Parkway (a few pull outs and the fish farm again) and then ended at our last stop at the river to play in the water.


As usual, I had a blast in the river. I help on to Mommy’s hand for most of it but then I let go to move LOTS of rocks around.


I liked helping Breighton and my cousins build a dam.


I got changed and then we headed back for home. I was out like a light in no time flat. What an exhausting day for me!


Tagging Along to Breighton’s Class

Today I tagged along to Breighton’s “Woodsy Owl’s” class “poking in the pond”. I am truly Breighton’s shadow. I wanted to do everything he was doing. I didn’t care that the class was for 4-7 year olds. I am 2 and a HALF (tomorrow at least I will be 2.5!!) and I will do what I want!!!


I didn’t leave the bucket. I had to check out each bug that was put in. I have ZERO fear and kept reaching in and grabbing the bugs and letting them wiggle in my hand.


Then I discovered the magnifying glasses. I had to check out EVERYTHING!


Checkin out Mommy with my magnifying glasses.


I showed Grandma Jo all the bugs. Fearless! Frighteningly so says Mommy.


When we were all done we dumped the bugs back into the pond and had to carry everything back to the classroom. I INSISTED that I carry the bucket and nets all by myself. Some man kept asking me to carry his tiny green net in exchange for my big nets. I laughed at him and said NO!


I even had to participate in the game at the end and correctly put my bug in the right place.


At the gift shop Grandma Jo bought be a stuffed chipmunk and a magnifying glass. I bounded out of the shop giggling and saying “ME HAPPPPPPPY!! ME HAPPPPPPY!!!”


Then we visited the Trout Farm and Fish Hatchery. We found three adorable baby birds in a nest on top of a sign.


I really enjoyed feeding the fish! I just giggled and giggled.


Breighton showed me that you could drop the food near the edge and the fish would splash and splash. f


So much fun!


What an amazing day. Time for a long nap and snuggling with my chipmunk and magnifying glass.