Tagging Along to Breighton’s Class

Today I tagged along to Breighton’s “Woodsy Owl’s” class “poking in the pond”. I am truly Breighton’s shadow. I wanted to do everything he was doing. I didn’t care that the class was for 4-7 year olds. I am 2 and a HALF (tomorrow at least I will be 2.5!!) and I will do what I want!!!


I didn’t leave the bucket. I had to check out each bug that was put in. I have ZERO fear and kept reaching in and grabbing the bugs and letting them wiggle in my hand.


Then I discovered the magnifying glasses. I had to check out EVERYTHING!


Checkin out Mommy with my magnifying glasses.


I showed Grandma Jo all the bugs. Fearless! Frighteningly so says Mommy.


When we were all done we dumped the bugs back into the pond and had to carry everything back to the classroom. I INSISTED that I carry the bucket and nets all by myself. Some man kept asking me to carry his tiny green net in exchange for my big nets. I laughed at him and said NO!


I even had to participate in the game at the end and correctly put my bug in the right place.


At the gift shop Grandma Jo bought be a stuffed chipmunk and a magnifying glass. I bounded out of the shop giggling and saying “ME HAPPPPPPPY!! ME HAPPPPPPY!!!”


Then we visited the Trout Farm and Fish Hatchery. We found three adorable baby birds in a nest on top of a sign.


I really enjoyed feeding the fish! I just giggled and giggled.


Breighton showed me that you could drop the food near the edge and the fish would splash and splash. f


So much fun!


What an amazing day. Time for a long nap and snuggling with my chipmunk and magnifying glass.

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