Last Day of Vacation

We had a busy day again today. We took a trip to Cradle of Forestry again. Aunite Kim (her Friend Mr. Gary) and Cousins Anna and Ian came into town late last night. I haven’t seen them in a long time so this was a real treat for Emmerson and me.

He enjoyed a long drive and them some lunch and a long walk.


I liked playing in the box of sawdust.


I have a future career as a bell ringer. I just didn’t want to give it up.


Yeeee HAW!


Mommy keeps forgetting to mention the new game I like to play in restrooms. It all started at the YMCA in Ohio. If my hair is wet (and now even if it is dry) I found a new way to dry it.


WEEEEEEEEEEE! Air drying. It makes my hair nice and hot and straight!


We made a few scenic stops along the river and Blue Ridge Parkway (a few pull outs and the fish farm again) and then ended at our last stop at the river to play in the water.


As usual, I had a blast in the river. I help on to Mommy’s hand for most of it but then I let go to move LOTS of rocks around.


I liked helping Breighton and my cousins build a dam.


I got changed and then we headed back for home. I was out like a light in no time flat. What an exhausting day for me!


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