Back to Golden Rainbow Ranch

We went back to Mrs. Ali’s farm today. I revisited my favorite goats. I liked them much better from outside of the fence.


My friend, Nick, cam along as well.


Daddy helped me brush a goat.


Then I waited patiently to sit on the miniature horse.


At first I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it.


I finally got into the groove and enjoyed it.


I loved to pet the dog, Gigi. She is really nice and I was SO happy to see her again.


I LOVEd the baby goats. I have also now mastered the word GOAT!


I hunted for eggs and was so excited to find some. I went back into the chicken coop a bit later and tripped headfirst into the ground. I scratched my face up a bit and had unknown ICK on my face. Mommy got me cleaned up. I had a lovely day despite the ICK. No nap today, not even in the car!

I am also cutting my molars still so I probably would not have napped very long anyway.

Fever yet still going

I have been running a low fever since yesterday afternoon. I am still going strong today and not letting it slow me down. We had music class this morning and then we hit the playground for a picnic and playground before Breighton’s science class.


I was so proud of myself for climbing into the middle of the web of ropes.


Marshall Street Park is a beautiful hidden treasure in Safety Harbor.


Besides the amazing plyground there is a classic playground towards the back and a future nature trail and possibly future nature center.


We went on a hike for Breighton’s class and I learned that you shouldn’t touch this plant. It is called poison ivy.


I only fell once in the mud but Mommy got me up and cleaned quickly. The trail has been delayed because when they were clearing it they hit swamp/wetlands. Always a problem in Florida. When they did the initial survey it was bone dry. But with the super wet winter the ground is staying very wet.

My poor clean bathwater

After some art in the backyard I wanted to come inside and get cleaned up. I really wasn’t in a mood to be dirty. Mommy brought me in while Breighton played a bit more. I was enjoying my nice warm bath with nice clear water. Breighton joined me in the tub and the water changed to a murky icky brownish.


I tolerated it for a few minutes and then I was OVER the yuckie water. Mommy had to change the water and get me out of the tub before cleaning up brother.


Custard and Playgrounds

We went on an outing to Ritters Custard today to learn about how they make their custard. I wanted to be stuck to Mommy the entire time. But that was okay because I could see better in her arms.

I was practically salivating the entire time. All that custard and sugar! OH MY!

Finally, I got to have my little sundae.


Afterwards we went to John Chestnut Park for some running around and sugar burning off.

We played on the playground for a while with some of Breighton’s friends and then Mommy too B and me on a nature hike for a bit.


I love the woods!


We hugged some trees, picked some leaves, and hunted for animal tracks.


I even found a leaf with a HOLE in it!


LOVING my new bed

Okay, since I moved up to the new bed last week I have slept through the night EVERY night! I cuddle right under the covers and go to bed each night and at naptime. No hassle!



Mommy climbs up on the small bookshelf to tuck me in to get in the habit for when my tent arrives in a few weeks.


I like having Breighton up in my bed.


We are so silly!


I helped Mommy and Breighton build a huge chain of unifix cubes today. We were measuring different things in Breighton’s bedroom.


The frog could only hop about 10 cubes! But if I threw it?? WOW did it go far then!



It was nice to have a lazy day. We raced cars, read books, played with legos and did all sorts of silly things. Hopefully I can fall asleep tonight! 🙂