Back to Golden Rainbow Ranch

We went back to Mrs. Ali’s farm today. I revisited my favorite goats. I liked them much better from outside of the fence.


My friend, Nick, cam along as well.


Daddy helped me brush a goat.


Then I waited patiently to sit on the miniature horse.


At first I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it.


I finally got into the groove and enjoyed it.


I loved to pet the dog, Gigi. She is really nice and I was SO happy to see her again.


I LOVEd the baby goats. I have also now mastered the word GOAT!


I hunted for eggs and was so excited to find some. I went back into the chicken coop a bit later and tripped headfirst into the ground. I scratched my face up a bit and had unknown ICK on my face. Mommy got me cleaned up. I had a lovely day despite the ICK. No nap today, not even in the car!

I am also cutting my molars still so I probably would not have napped very long anyway.

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