Fever yet still going

I have been running a low fever since yesterday afternoon. I am still going strong today and not letting it slow me down. We had music class this morning and then we hit the playground for a picnic and playground before Breighton’s science class.


I was so proud of myself for climbing into the middle of the web of ropes.


Marshall Street Park is a beautiful hidden treasure in Safety Harbor.


Besides the amazing plyground there is a classic playground towards the back and a future nature trail and possibly future nature center.


We went on a hike for Breighton’s class and I learned that you shouldn’t touch this plant. It is called poison ivy.


I only fell once in the mud but Mommy got me up and cleaned quickly. The trail has been delayed because when they were clearing it they hit swamp/wetlands. Always a problem in Florida. When they did the initial survey it was bone dry. But with the super wet winter the ground is staying very wet.

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