LOVING my new bed

Okay, since I moved up to the new bed last week I have slept through the night EVERY night! I cuddle right under the covers and go to bed each night and at naptime. No hassle!



Mommy climbs up on the small bookshelf to tuck me in to get in the habit for when my tent arrives in a few weeks.


I like having Breighton up in my bed.


We are so silly!


I helped Mommy and Breighton build a huge chain of unifix cubes today. We were measuring different things in Breighton’s bedroom.


The frog could only hop about 10 cubes! But if I threw it?? WOW did it go far then!



It was nice to have a lazy day. We raced cars, read books, played with legos and did all sorts of silly things. Hopefully I can fall asleep tonight! 🙂

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