Note to self…

Everyone knows that when I get upset I do a kind of “headstand” like thing where I bend over and put my forehead on the ground.  Well, today I got upset and got a little too overzealous in my self-calming routine….

I put my forehead smack into the concrete walkway/driveway outside.

No photo, but I have a nice large (golf ball sized) raspberry on my forehead.

If it sticks with me for a while or something, I’m making this note so I remember where it came from.

Note to self: Self-soothing and calming is great, but don’t do it aggressively.

I’m one smart bird… monkey… oops I mean kid

Today we went to the Pinellas Lego homeschool play/build session. They push a few tables together in the library to build on. While everyone was building I crawled under the table with a long flat Lego “stick.” I used it to poke the gap between the tables and cause Legos to come through. Kind of like a bird or monkey using a twig to catch ants. I really confused Mommy with how I kept managing to get Legos when the floor was Lego free. She was really impressed with my skill!