Tampa Bay Watch Field-trip

We had a fun time at Tampa Bay Watch for a field trip today. We got a long lecture on safety, behavior and expectations. I think they forget that usually homeschoolers are more civilized than some of the groups that come through. We went on a boat ride to collect some samples. We weren’t allowed to move and had to talk very quietly. The ride was about 30 minutes total and that was all we did. The crew did the nets and water samples.

We got back to shore and got to check out all of the samples that were found. We learned about all the samples and other facts.

Up next was the lab with the microscopes. This was cool to see the various microorganisms under the microscopes. They were able to project a microscope up on the screen so we could all see the items too. Finally we made our own organisms that could float int he water column. The team that took the longest to fall to the bottom was the winner. The design of my teammate and I didn’t win but we had fun trying.

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