October Madness

October seems to be a crazy time for us with all new activities getting ramped up for the year. We are back to our 4-H County Council meetings. B gave a fun talk about entomophagy and sustainable protein sources. We volunteered at the Florida Botanical Gardens Pumpkin Festival for 4-H. We helped set up the entire event, decorated, set up the carving stations, hauled tables and chairs, and then helped with the carving stations by collecting and cleaning up as people carved. Our archery club won 1st place with their scarecrow too!

We picked out some beautiful pumpkins at Publix this week and were eager to carve them. We kept them safely in the garage to keep them cool. I cut into mine and by the time I got about 1/2 the guts out it started to collapse, the entire bottom was rotten. SO we raced to Publix hoping there were still large pumpkins left. I found a weird long shaped one and knew just what to do. I changed my design from a dragon into a tarantula! We roasted pumpkin seeds for an evening snack when dad was away in Washington state. Dad missed Halloween too so we had Grandma Susie over and some friends to go trick-or-treating with in the neighborhood.

Preston stayed over on the weekend before Dad came home. We had a fun time at the house and park with Preston. The next day we dropped him home and we went to Eagle Lake Park for B to go to a SPC Honors college picnic. Mom and I wandered the trails and around the late while B hang with his college friends. We got back and they weren’t done so we watched the end of the contests and games and had a snack. It was a super fun event and I can’t wait to hopefully qualify for the honors program too!

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