Page, Arizona with a trip to Grand Canyon North Rim

I love fry bread. That is all!  We toured the Glenn Canyon Dam again. We had the same tour guide as 4 years ago!  I love looking down on the grassy field. It is huge! They have to mow it since it is real grass! The water in Lake Powell is realy low right now. They are expecting a 30 foot rise in the next few weeks from the snowmelt coming down river. Just for laughs.

On Dad’s birthday we were going to go see the Colorado River but somehow ended up at the Grand Canyon North Rim. Not in our plans but always an adventure. We had a nice lunch at the lodge and then went and explored and hiked a little.

Relaxing before our trip back to Page. B is learning about rocks and Earth’s history right now for his summer SPC class. So of course he is teaching me everything he is learning. We earned our Jr. Ranger badges and headed out.

We took this scary off road trail near Page that led us (in the Jeep) up and over the entire landscape. We passed over rivers, coal fires, and so much more. A coal fire is when lightning strikes the ground igniting the coal burried below. It smolders forever using the vein of coal runs out.  It was interesting how the landscape changed so much on our drive. FOor Bs birthday we visited the slot canyons. I enjoyed Lower Antelope but it was hot and stinky.  We had a ice cream pie for Bs birthday and went out for really good Mexican food. Next day we did the Upper Antelope. It was much cooler and way less stinky! I loved taking the photos and our guide helped me take many amazing photos.


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