Jenson, Utah and Dinosaurs

We toured Flaming Gorge Dam the first day of our visit with Kaylynn and her family. The dam was massive. I kept making dam jokes. Appartenly, too dam many! I was absolutly goofy this day. I was dancing all over and clucking like a chicken quite often. Baaaaak! We had a fun time scrambling down the mountain at the state park. We turned over a lot of rocks looking for insects. We did find several scorpions. After we got to the bottom, Dad hiked the stairs up to get the Jeep to shuttle us all back up. We decided to walk the path up a little and see if we could see more scorpions. Mom stayed up top and no one ever came up. Dad started the hike down looking for us kids. I managed to get cell signal to call Mom to tell her we were back at the lower parking area. She came to get us and picked up Dad too who hiked down a second time! Oops! I loved the view of the river below. Red Canyon was amazing. You had to watch where you stepped our you may end up falling into a chasm.  We drove the Sheep Creek Geological loop but wished there was a brocheur on what we were seeing. The next day we visited Dinosaur National Monument. We have been here before but were happy to go back. We loved seeing all the Morrison Formation fossils preserved in the rocks. We opted to hike down from the center to the car instead of taking the tram. I  wore myself out running and climbing and Dad happily carried me down the last part of the hike. 
We visited the Utah Field House as well. I loved seeing the skeletons and using the hands on activities. They had fake dinosaurs all over, I kept pointing out everything that was wrong with the dinosaurs! Back at the campground for the afternoon, we rented peddle bikes and tore around the campground. I was so bruised by the end of the time of our rental! I flipped my bike a few times but just kept going. The pool was heated so we went swimming. We made some new friends too so had lots of kids to play with in the pool. It was hard to say goodbye to K and M. I will miss hanging out with them!

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